Goniobranchus alderi (Collingwood, 1881)


Length 2 inches. Mantle capacious, covering the head, squarish in front, slightly emarginated. Dorsal tentacles very small, and placed upon very short pedicles, finely laminated, having the commissure anterior ; they have precisely the appearance of small cochineal insects. Branchial of ten simple four-sided angular leaflets, some of them bifurcating near the apex, arranged in an imperfect circle, curving outwards and sur rounding the anal orifice. Head with two small white oral tentacles. Foot somewhat tubular posteriorly, and extending about 1 inch beyond the mantle. Colour and general appearance. — General body-colour an opaque yellowish white or cream-colour, a border of bright orange running all round the edge of the mantle and projecting portion of the foot. Back beautifully marbled with reddish brown, an irregular row of carmine spots placed all round the marbled portion, between it and the orange border. Tentacles laminated alternately with crimson and white. Branchiae reddish, the angles crimson. Under surface of a delicate transparent white.


Ke-lung Harbour, North Formosa