Family Samlidae 10

Body narrow. Notum discontinuous. Cerata in separate clusters, on elevations. Rhinophores perfoliated. Anus pleuroproctic under the reduced notal edge or mixed (pleuroproctic in higher acleioproctic position). Distinct oral glands present, commonly penetrate below anterior cerata. Radula formula 1.1.1. Rachidian teeth usually with strong cusp, only rarely compressed by adjacent lateral denticles. Lateral teeth denticulated narrow or with attenuated process basally. Distal and proximal receptaculum seminis or only proximal receptaculum. Vas deferens usually short, with indistinct prostate. External permanent penial collar absent. Penis in many cases conical, narrow, always internal and unarmed.

Samlidae Korshunova, Martynov, Bakken, Evertsen, Fletcher, Mudianta, Saito, Lundin, Schrdl & Picton, 2017