Polybranchia jensenae Medrano, Krug, Gosliner, Biju Kumar & Valdés, 2018


Colour translucent dark grey or completely translucent in smaller animals; small white papillae throughout body. Faded white patches may be present throughout dorsum. Rhinophores translucent with several white papillae; upper portion of dorsal rhinophores with thin, translucent dark grey or pale yellow medial line. Pericardium translucent grey with few white spots. Cerata fan-shaped with yellow or white pigment on the 2–3 larger papillae; overall translucent olive-green with white web-like network on dorsal surface. Ceratal peduncles with snowy white pigment in depression. Dark black patch, above peduncle depression. Small cerata pale yellow. Foot translucent grey with white spots, except for translucent and colourless animals in which foot is only with white spots.


Marshall Islands, Hawaiian Islands, Philippines, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Eastern Australia and possibly the Red Sea