Polybranchia samanthae Medrano, Krug, Gosliner, Biju Kumar & Valdés, 2018


Colour pale olive-green to tan or brown, with evenly distributed small white papillae on dorsum. Rhinophores translucent with white frosted dorsal tips and several white papillae evenly throughout. Snowy white pigment below eyespots extends towards snowy white pericardium. Cerata translucent, olive-green or dark tan in colour; dorso-medial surface with large green patch enclosed by dense white pigment. White colour extends from distal tip and stops before ceratal base; diminishes before reaching white margin. Two medial papillae, one large and one small, white, made inconspicuous by white dorso-medial surface on cerata. Peduncle depression lacks colour. Few white dots and many small, dark-brown spots on foot.


Widespread in the Indo-Pacific