Trapania stegodon Smirnoff, Donohoo & Gosliner, 2022


It has an opaque grey body covered dorsally with speckled red-brown colour characterized by small and large blotches of missing pigmentation. Notable blotches reside laterally below the rhinophores, below the gill plume and at the posterior portion of the foot. Extra-rhinophoral and extra-brachial appendages have red brown at base but are light yellow to the tip. Rhinophores, eight to ten lamellae and a pointed tip, are uniformly wide along their length and the same colour as the red-brown body, except for the grey tip. Oral tentacles are coloured at their base and opaque grey at the tip. Similarly, the anterior margins of the foot, which extend laterally as elongate appendages, are coloured at their base and opaque grey at their tip. The gill plume is composed of three large and highly branched elements that are the same colour as the body


Known from the Philippines (present study) and Indonesia


This species is named for Stegodon luzonensis von Koenigwald 1956, a Pleistocene megafauna with ivory tusks that roamed Luzon, Mindanao and other Philippine islands. It refers to the white-tipped extra-rhinophoral and extrabranchial appendages. It is a noun in apposition.